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I listen. I care. I understand.

I’m there for you, so you can be there for them.

Options for Aging can….

•   Perform a thorough assessment in the home to learn exactly
    what is needed to maximize and maintain quality of life.
•   Design, implement and manage a comprehensive plan of care.
•   Assist with choosing and arranging alternative living
•   Recommend, screen and monitor services for home care.
•   Advise specific modifications to increase safety and
    independence in the home.
•   Coordinate medical services, appointments and follow-up.
•   Monitor medication compliance.
•   Identify cost savings available through Medicare, Medicaid,
    Veteran’s Affairs and public benefit programs. 
•   Be an advocate and friendly face whether in the hospital or for
    doctor visits. 
•   Be a professional set of eyes and ears especially for families
     living out of town.
•   Deliver the highest quality care through an extended professional       network including physicians, attorneys and financial advisors.
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